Nuframe creates wood frame material, supply and install packages, providing construction solutions for residential and commercial projects of all sizes. These full scope packages add consolidated value, and consist of all labours, materials, shipping AND co-ordination, simplifying complete project forecast.

We procure the appropriate supplies, accommodate all aspects of labour, and collaborate with a companies that have a detailed construction knowledge to execute and handle the production schedule diligently. 

Utilizing our decades of hands on experience, we provide a professional team on every project.

Construction material, supply and install estimation services for wood frame construction projects in BC.


Our construction estimating team have backgrounds in project management, on-site construction management, and Red Seal carpentry. This makes them knowledgable in all aspects of wood framed assemblies. 

They have experience in estimating material and supply packages for residential and commercial projects of all sizes. Our team’s ability to accurately detail every aspect of a project, is the most reliable and cost efficient way to launch any sized construction project.

Nuframe team craning pre fabricated walls at YVR commercial project in Richmond BC.

For information regarding Wood frame Material, Estimation and Supply packages, contact our Estimation team directly: